A NEW Question

Last year at Affiliate Summit I had a lot of fun roaming around, asking people THE QUESTION: "Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

I shot an amusing video of my results.

I'll be asking this question again, but I will try not to do any "repeats."

I have ANOTHER question for show attendees that is sure to yield some amusing results. I'll be shooting video and compiling a collection of the best answers. When It's all done, I'll have the video up on RobMerlino.Com.

What's the question? You'll find out in Las Vegas!

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Anonymous said...

You just make me laugh! Actually showed the "Dirty Harry" youtube video as we were eating hot dogs this weekend since my husband, who has seen the movie umpteen times, claims he didn't remember the scene. There's no crying in baseball, no ketchup on hot dogs, and no way the Pats aren't going to win the Super Bowl.

hotdogman said...

2 out of three aint bad. :(

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