The XeroShoes Folks answer THE QUESTION

Steve Sashen and Lena Phoenix will be appearing on The Shark Tank on February 1 with their "hi-tech huarache sandals," XeroShoes. I interviewed them recently for the Shark Tank Blog

Steve's one of the fastest 50 year old sprinters in the USA and he runs in his XeroShoes! Lena just thinks they're comfy. They sent me a pair to try out, but other than a little pacing around the house, I won't be wearing them much for a few months - it's 6 degrees outside fercryinoutloud! They were comfy and will undoubtedly be my summer footwear of choice.

After discussing the origins of their business and their Shark Tank experience, the hard core journalist in me popped THE QUESTION:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Steve said: "I'm a barbecue sauce guy." Lena is originally from Chicago and very sternly replied: "NO KETCHUP!"

Seems like these two kids have their heads on straight. I think they might go places together!

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