Jim O'Brien from Man Medals answers THE QUESTION

I recently spoke with Jim O'Brien who appeared on Shark Tank back in September. He was pitching Man Medals, a fun product women can get for their men to "reward" them for doing their household duties. He has medals for putting the toilet seat down, running the vacuum, asking for directions, picking up dirty clothes, putting the toilet paper roll on, and taking out the trash. There’s also a military themed “coming home to be a daddy” medal. 

Jim didn't get a deal with the Sharks, but he's selling Man Medals like crazy and he has a new, celebrity investor.

We chatted about his progress since the show, the Red Sox - Tigers series, Prince "the dud" Fielder, and his Coney Dog joint preferences (he's an American Coney Island guy).

Talking baseball and hot dogs inevitably leads to THE QUESTION:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Jim's answer:

"Anyone who puts ketchup on a Coney ought to be hit with the bat prince fielder didn't use in the playoffs!"

Good answer, Jim. You deserve a medal!

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