Screenmend Inventors The Hooks Family answer THE QUESTION

I recently interviewed Emma, Lily, and Brian Hooks for the Shark Tank Blog. They got a deal with Lori Grenier for Screenmend, a screen repair product Lily (middle) invented when she was 9 years old! They are having tremendous success in the aftermath of their appearance and the girls have become local celebrities.

Emma's fine with being a celebrity, she wants to be an actress and has appeared in some videos and as an extra on a few shows. Lily is the "Shark" of the family: her dad thinks she has business savvy. Brian is happy to continue his job as a pilot and let the girls run with the biz.

After a nice interview, I asked all three of them THE QUESTION:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

The answers:

Lily: "I like my hot dogs plain."

Brian: "I'm a mustard guy."

Emma: "I don't eat them much, but when I do, I put ketchup on them."

Lily and Brian are OK, but even though Emma is under the "acceptable age" for ketchup on a hot dog, if she wants to make it big in Hollywood and get on the Wall of Fame at Pinks, she better LOSE THE KETCHUP!

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