Dorene Humason, The Chef in Black, answers THE QUESTION

I spoke with Dorene Humason today. She's the owner of The Chef in Black which makes California Asian Fusion Salad Dressings. Dorene appeared on season one of Shark Tank; her episode re-runs on #SharkTankTuesdays on CNBC Tuesday, June 3. It's the first time her segment aired since 2010!

We caught up on her progress with her business and what really happened after the show. I asked about her dressing, her business growth, the Japanese prostitute on her initial packaging, and what being a Shark Tank "pioneer" was really like.

I also asked her THE QUESTION:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Her answer:

"No. I do not. I like mustard, but I'm really a Chicago dog kind of gal. I also like that Slawsa Julie sent me."

Obviously 25 years in the food business made Dorene's palette sophisticated and mature! I wonder how her dressing would taste on a hot dog?

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