Another COLD one!

While this has been the shortest winter I can remember, it doesn't stop me from complaining about the cold. November, December and January were unseasonably warm-it was actually 75 degrees on January 6! Now that February is here, winter has finally shown its bitter face. Even so, today's business was steady-not a lot of reading or game time. I had a Diet Pepsi can explode over night which made an awful mess. My fault though, I didn't put it in the cooler.

My secret to keep the sodas from freezing is to put a gallon container of hot water in the cooler over night.

I got a few new customers today and the usual parade of regulars. God Bless the hardcore hot dog lovers out there-they come in all types of weather. The "picnic table crowd" won't be back until April. April is also when a lot of landscapers will be back in full swing. I LOVE landscapers-they eat a lot and buy a lot of gaterade!

Pitchers and catchers report next week......

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