The glass is half full

Seeing as winter has finally decided to come to the Metrowest area, it has been a tough week. Most people think I'm nuts to be out selling hot dogs in 15 degree weather. I may be nuts, but there are still customers, not as many as in the warmer months, but they're out there. Sometimes I think the cold weather regulars are as crazy as I am, after all I'm inside the truck where its (relatively) warm and they're outside in the cold and wind.

There's a lot less banter and chit chat on cold days-not much beyond "jeez its friggin cold out, eh?" I guess people are too busy shivering to talk much. I'm not one for chat on cold days because I need to stand too close to the open window. The most asked question on cold days is "are you busy?" I give the old "whaddayouthink?" answer to that one.

One guy was going on about how cold it was this morning and he says to me "well, at least you don't have to buy ice." He is obviously a glass half full type of guy.

9 days until pitchers and catchers report......

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