Make $18,000 per day while doing nothing- HA!

My goodness there are so many of these "earn thousands for doing a few minutes of work on your computer" ads all over the internet. Doesn't anyone work for a living anymore? 99.9% of these ads are to sell you a manuel or book that will give you the "secret" to earning millions online. The "secret" is usually some regurgitated crap that the current promoter bought from someone else.

Its no secret that you can earn money on the internet by providing advertising on your website, selling your own products or through affiliate marketing. You can even make money from your blog. Apparently you can also profit by selling worn out "how to get rich by sitting around in your underwear" materials to suckers. P.T. Barnum would have loved the internet.

Do yourself a favor-search around on a topic that may interst you before you send some slick promoter your money. I have found that you can learn just about anything for free on the internet if you look long and hard enough. As I crawl the web I'll try to expose some of the more humorous scams. In the meantime if you are suspicious about an offer you're considering online, check out before you buy.

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