Spring training

The Red Sox just played their first spring training game. I could rant about spring training games, make witty commentary, provide insightful analysis on player performances etc. but these games don't count. Next to "irrelevent" in the dictionary are the words "spring training baseball games."

Proof of the irrelevence: a 4-4 10 inning tie. A tie in a baseball game. Wake me in April.

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Steve Kenul said...

Sorry to hear about your tie. Better luck next time.

hotdogman said...


Steve Kenul said...

I know, just harassing you. No hard feelings.

dolphinfan said...


You and Steve seem to have hit it off in your BoSox/Yankees rivalry.

I would like to invite you to join the My Opinion on Sports forum (Steve is already a member) so you guys can go at it all season long.

Here is a link to the sign-up. Hope to see you there!


hotdogman said...

A good flame war should drive more traffic to our sites-we should exploit that. I'll bring my "A" game when the season starts!

Dolphin- I'll check it out & watch out for me during football season....

Steve Kenul said...

Hot Dog, no problem, I think people would go for a heated battle for the next few months. I'm game.

dolphinfan said...

Can't wait!

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