Cell Phone Rant

I know everyone has a cell phone. I use mine more than my land line. I find it far more convenient to use than the land line. I don't know how I ever got along without it. I also have a wife-whom I love dearly. She has a cell phone too. This is very convenient for a multitude of reasons most people would recognize.

What kills me is the "just calling to chat" call. It'll be about 12:15, I'll be knee deep in hot dogs, with 10 people in line and the phone will ring. It's my wife, "just calling to chat!" HELLO HONEY, ITS LUNCH TIME! "I know," she says, "I'm having lunch and I wanted to chat." AAAAAAAArrrgh! She knows I'm busy at lunch time-heck its what I do, make lunch for people, yet she insists on calling to "chat."

When I call her back, say at 2:30 when I'm wrapping things up for the day, to "chat," she invariably says "honey I'm busy, can it wait until tonight?"

This is when I really hate cell phones.

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