For All the Folks at Horizon Technologies

OK SO I SCREWED UP THE COMPANY NAME, so sue me.... Apparently the company name is Horizon Technology, not Horizon Technologies. If Jeff didn't talk with his mouth full, I'd have gotten it right. I just hope Jeff annunciates better when he's making his sales calls.......

There's this guy, Jeff, who comes by the Hot Dog Truck 3-4 times a week (hey, he knows where to get the best lunch in town!) I must say he's a trooper-out in rain, snow, wind, cold and sunny days (like today). He works at Horizon Technology in Framingham, right around the corner from the Hot Dog Truck. He gets two "All Around" as a rule, though one time he had the Sausage when I had run out of Hot dogs!

While he does like the food, he mostly comes by to get away from his slave driving sales manager and the relentless, productivity killing and harrassing phone calls from the boys in the home office out in Lake Forest. It seems the Hot Dog Truck has become a bit of a company cult classic as Jeff constantly raves about the delectable dogs he so frequently snarfs down. While I haven't seen Hans yet,
I hope to meet more of the gang at Horizon and hip them to the joys of the best damn hot dogs on the planet! For all you guys at the Home Office, enjoy the pics of Jeff's thrilling, favorite lunchtime spot!

Can you beat this price? I DON'T THINK SO!

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