For Battle of Bloggers

I go to a site called Blog Explosion to have the Hot Dog Truck "battle" other blogs. Basically you match up against another blog and people vote on which Blog they like the best. The winner wins credits and basically feels good about themselves.

I have developed a set of criteria on how I vote in these battles:

I'll vote for a blog if it:

makes me laugh;
gives me new news or information I'm interested in;
has pictures of attractive, scantily clad (even nekkid) women;
informs me about a new way to make a buck online;
rants intelligently about any sort of scam or injustice;
is about hot dogs;
has cool pictures;
has a cool layout;
has heartfelt personal stories that are well written; and
has pictures of attractive, scantily clad (even nekkid) women

I won't vote for a blog if it:

has detailed information about American Idol-if I gave a crap, I'd just watch the flippin show;
is about the New York Yankees-the Yankees Suck;
has mommies complaining about their children-I have five kids, your life sounds like a friggin vacation to me;
hasn't been updated recently-if you have time to set up battles maybe you ought to try and post something new, maybe some pictures of attractive, scantily clad (even nekkid) women;
takes FOREVER to load-come ON, get a new host please;
has the words "loose" and "lose" or "looser" and "loser" confused or misspelled- don't get me started;
is clearly written by a teenager-if I want that kind of drama and angst I'll read my daughter's diary;
is a blog that consistently kicks my ass in Blog Battles-this causes a conundrum sometimes because the blogs with scantily clad (even nekkid) women usually kick my ass;
attempts to preach or lecture at me-I have a wife, an ex wife and I go to church on Sundays- 'nuff said; and
it is about the New York Yankees-did I mention they suck?

If both blogs in the battle suck:

I choose the one with the less offensive color scheme unless both blogs are about the Yankees in which case I'll just go back to the Battle Page without voting.

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Webmiztris said...

I can agree with most of these (minus the nekkid wimmens one because it doesn't do much for me. lol!)

and I always vote against the ones I'm fairly certain cheat. for example if a really popular blog is up against a blog that never has anyone commenting, etc., and has a really bad BOTB record, and manages to win, I figure they must be cheating.

oh, and it's about religious, politics or sports, FORGET IT.

Steve Kenul said...

Don't worry, I don't vote for Sox fans' blogs either ;)
Although looking at the hot dogs gets me hungry sometimes and that is not an inuendo.

Just A Girl From L.A. said...

by nekkid women you wouldn't be talking about me would you ::wink wink:::


MXI said...

Ok,where are the links to the scantily clad women????
I hate loosing on battles, but not so bad when you loose to a good blog.

otilius said...

I like your truck. Have you ever had a hot dog in Mexico or Arizona? They put a whole bunch of stuff on them and they are great. So, give me one with everything but, of course, just give me one kind of mustard (what do you suggest?) and hold the ketchup.

Do you know the difference between a Yankee Stadium hot dog and one from Fenway?

They rarely serve Fenway dogs in October....

hotdogman said...

webmiztris- I wonder about the cheating too.

steve- I'd expect nothing less

mxi- use "loose" wrong again and I'll kick 64% of your butt (see LA Girl for pics)

otilius- "Do you know the difference between a Yankee Stadium hot dog and one from Fenway?"

Yeah, they BOTH suck-my dogs are so much better!

LA Girl- grrrrrr. keep 'em coming!

Jose said...

I have my voting system too. I'm not into sports, and I know jack about politics. So... Religious blogs are confusing to me, I rather go to church on Sundays. So that leaves my two blogs, my photo blog is just fun to me, and my Joe Cool blog must suck (I have lost the last 20 BOTBs in a row) but I still manage to have a few readers. Yours is still too new to me but will give it a try, if at all I know I will get a good apetite.

m said...

You are like so totally being blogrolled.
God, how I miss a decent hotdog! They can't be had here, because there are no decent hotdog franks in this country!!! No decent kraut, no decent relish...

Now I'm gonna weep all day...

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