Spell Check: RANT

I have been reading lots of blogs lately (maybe even yours). Many are well written, funny, thoughtful and informative. Still more are absolute crap.

One thing many have in common is the misspelling and/or misuse of the words lose and loose. People will write: "I will loose money," I may loose my job," "I hope my team doesn't loose," and so on. People, the word is LOSE! L-O-S-E, NOT LOOSE! Loose is used to describe "loose change," "he had a screw loose," "there are wild dogs on the loose," - GET IT?

Nothing puts me off more than reading something with a stupid friggin misspelling like that. I'll be going through an article and I'll be thinking, "wow, this is a good little bit of writing" and WHAM there's that "loose" word in the wrong place again. It isn't something spell check will pick up because it is spelled correctly, it's just the wrong word.

So please, proofread,, or I may loose my mind!

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Chana said...

I so agree! Another one that irritates me to no end.."I wasn't orientated to that," Oh my Lord and sweet baby Jesus please help the people of this world become better ORIENTED with proper English! Thank you and AMEN!

Angelika said...

The one that drives me up the wall is your and you're. People use "your" all the time when they mean 'you are' and not 'your possession'.

Hate it!

Webmiztris said...

I see that error with "choose" and "chose" all the time too.

QueenieCarly said...

I totally hear ya! You make a fantastic point. Sometimes, if I like the authour enough, I'll try to rationalize it as a typo, but then that goes out the window when in the next paragraph, they do it again. You know what drives me nuts? Your vs. you're. Argh!

hotdogman said...

Or their, there and they're....

Chris Austria said...

I was corrected by the hotdogman on my blog and I'm glad he did...Here's more, farther v. further, week v weak, and so on and so forth. Hey Hotdogman, I am an English teacher...God helps us all...LOL

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