I was Scammed 137 Times.....

You've seen the ads online screaming "CLICK ME!"

They'll say "I was scammed X# times-this one WORKS!"

Aside from the fact that these advertisers are selling the same, tired program that's only getting "some jerk" rich, why in the hell would anyone listen to someone who was scammed so many freaking times?

Am I to put my faith (and my hard earned cash) in someone that stupid?

Hell, I've been scammed before (not that many times) but I don't go advertising it on the flipping INTERNET. What's next, banner ads that scream "I'm a MORON! Buy my Program!"

Guess what, the next time you see someone bragging about being scammed 137 times, you can rest assured their well on their way to #138!

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Carmi said...

There a sucker born every minute. The Internet makes 'em that much easier to find.

Scams wouldn't work if everyone was wise to them. Even if one in a million people is a moron, the scammers will come out to play, because it's all just a numbers game.

hotdogman said...

P.T. Barnum would have LOVED the internet!

Webmiztris said...

when are people going to learn that ANYTHING that suggests you can get rich quick is a scam? if ANY of them worked, the entire country would be rich!

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