Dog Days Update

Well the weather is mighty fine and I am slinging dogs like they're going out of style. I am literally turning people away the minute I arrive to set up. This time of year sees the mass return of the "seasonal worker:" Landscapers, pool guys, painters-anyone who works outside.

Landscapers are the best customers because they are almost always STARVING, they buy a bunch of water and gaterade and there's usually 3 or more guys in a truck. I see many of the same faces from last year and they are a welcome site!

I will be repairing my doors this weekend. One of my flip up doors broke off and I have decided to build a new pair of doors so I can open both up for the warm weather. I'll have some snappy new pics next week.

We had our first scrimmage tonight for our Little League Team and we croaked the opponents 17-5! The boys look good!

Ciao for now.

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1 comment:

Doug said...

hey man, just came across your site from the blogger's choice award. cool concept, ill give it a proper reading in a few days.


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