Never Play Poker with a guy who brings his own table!

The following is a true story AND a paid review.

I recently got together with my old college roomate who I hadn't seen in about 10 years. His brother lives nearby and my wife and my roomate's brother's wife are chummy. I found out Sam (that's my old roomate) was coming for a visit and my wife and I made plans to get together at his brother's house. It was good to see him after such a long time and I had never met his wife so it was looking like a fun evening.

Now Dani (that's the roomie's brother's wife) is big into playing Texas Hold Em online and she's trying to get to the World Series of Poker. She eventually started talking poker and someone said "hey, why don't we play tonight?"

No sooner had we all agreed to play some Texas Hold Em, Sam runs out to his car and comes back into the house with one of these portable Poker Tables and a big "briefcase" full of Poker Chips.

I'm thinking "Oh boy, here we go, Sammy the Shark and Dani are going to clean us out!" We each threw $20 into the pot and proceeded to play Texas Hold Em. I had the kiss of death-I won the first hand! We played for a few hours, and surprise surprise, the guy who brought the table and chips ended up with all the money!

Playing cards on one of these real Poker Tables is a heck of a lot better than playing at the kitchen table. The "real" Poker Tables have the nice felt surface, little drink holders and this particular one went right on top of the kitchen table. It is also portable which is great for blindsiding unsuspecting former roomates who don't play a lot of poker! I teased him mercifully about lugging a poker table around in his trunk, but he had the last laugh as he took my $20!!!

We're planning a visit to his place in Vermont this summer and he vows to sit us down for some more poker, this time at the "fancy" poker table he has set up in his game room.

I asked him where he got his Poker Tables
since we thought we'd get a table top style one for our house. He said he got them at Cardroom Supply, a nifty online, one stop shopping spot for Poker Tables, chips and any other poker supplies I might want.

I don't know if having my own poker table will help my game, but it'll sure give me an excuse to practice!

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Webmiztris said...

my husband actually BUILT a felt oblong poker table that permanently sits overtop of our kitchen table. and he has several briefcases of you can just imagine how hardcore into it HE is! lol

BellyButton said...

I cannot believe you posted this story :)
let me know when you set up your own game so I can come over and take your money (posted by the wife of the above story)

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