Spy Sweeper

Every time I view a new webpage or download something online, I worry about spyware. Even so called "legitimate" websites have spyware so they can collect data on me for their marketing efforts. Spyware can be inocuous or it can be intrusive and malicious.

I have had spyware hang up my computer many times. The worst episode was some malicious code that actually disabled my Internet Explorer! I was absolutely freaking out. It took me over three hours to isolate the problem and restore Internet Explorer's functionality. I did this manually. Whenever I start removing files manually I get scared that I'll remove something I shouldn't and cause myself worse problems. I had to do several "system restores" during the undoing of this attack. I felt so.....violated. What a nightmare!

I wish I had Spy Sweeper to prevent that attack. Spy Sweeper finds, and removes malicious spyware that has been installed on your computer so you don't have to wait for a program to crash to realize some spyware has invaded your computer. Most of the time, Spy Sweeper stops spyware from installing on your computer in the first place. Protection like this would save a ton of time and make browsing and downloading a whole lot safer.

Everyone should have some sort of spyware detedtion and removal tool for their computer. Spy Sweeper looks to be a good tool for this. I do believe I'll be checking out Spy Sweeper

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Palm Springs Savant said...

hey hot dog man- you are so right. I use spy sweepers all the time, I hate the idea of all that junk on my computer too. Anyway. stop by and say hi sometime!

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