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Daytime 'Coon Dog

So I'm at my folk's house this weekend and I'm out in the driveway with my two and a half year old and my dog at about 8 AM Sunday morning.

The dog starts going nuts and trying to dig under my dad's shed. She's firing dirt out while trying to get under the shed. I hear a ton of snarling and growling (not just hers) and it's obvious there is something under the shed she's trying to get her paws on. Whatever it is seems intent on putting up a fight. I quickly rush the baby into the house and come back to get my dog out on the enclosed back porch.

She's not easily persuaded, but she finally complies. I notice her paw is bleeding from a small cut, but she's otherwise OK. My dog is an 80 pound German Shepard/Pit bull/Lab mix and she is a very good watch dog and protector of the family. She's had all her shots and I have seen her run everything from coyotes to Jehovah's Witnesses off our property, so I am not too concerned with what was under the shed having harmed her.

When I go back out to where the shed is, I see this guy run up into the tree in the yard! He's apparently been living under my dad's shed and my dog spooked him into getting the hell out of there!

Talk about a rude awakening....

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1 comment:

Webmiztris said...

aww! lol....raccoons are so cute, but I know they're mighty nasty too!

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