Hottie Dogs

A couple of gals in Franklin, MA got a lot of free publicity for their Hot Dog Stand recently when some idiotic town officials there gave them a royal run around. The two local moms wanted to earn some extra dough so they decided to buy a hot dog trailer and open up a hot dog stand. I wonder if they ever consulted The Hot Dog Truck? I have gotten hits from that neck of the woods...

They got all the appropriate permits and set up shop when the local building inspector shut them down! What the building inspector has to do with a mobile food trailer, I don't know. The guy must be an asshole or something. If you saw some of the construction work he's signed off on in that community, you'd think he was blind too!

The local media had a field day with this story and the enterprising gals eventually found a new spot in the neighboring community of Bellingham, MA. As long as they serve good hot dogs, they should do well. Since the majority of the hot dog lunchtime consuming populace is male, a little "eye candy" to go with the dogs will probably be a good sales tool!

Anyways, the two decided to call their stand "Hottie Dogs" and you can see why from the photo!

Here's the story from the Milford Daily News

and the follow up story is HERE.


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1 comment:

Hot Dawg said...

I'll definitely have to go over there and visit them.

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