Its the Maine Thing

OOPS! I meant to post this LAST WEEK! I had it saved in my "saved posts" folder an forgot about it! Here goes:

Last weekend (uhm two weekends ago) we took our annual trip to the Kennebunks. It was fairly routine and uneventful. Lobster at Nunan's Lobster Hut on Friday and Saturday night followed each night by copious amounts of alcohol at Federal Jack's.

Nunan's is a classic Maine establishment. Here's a couple of shots. One is the exterior, the other an interior shot of the ceiling. My camera batteries crapped out so these are the only photo's of the weekend.

Friday's lobster fest was capped off with many glasses of Shipyard Ale, the brew made on the premises of Federal Jacks. The Sox were on the tube and the wedding parties were out in force. We had two wedding groups staing at our B & B. We got a bit too hammered and the bartender (who we know) shut us off! Luckily the wedding groups fed us a steady supply of shots until closing time!

The next day it was too windy to go sailing or whale watching so we browsed around town, went for a bike ride and took the obligatory stroll on the beach. Saturday night was a repeat of Friday. The only difference is we joked with the bartender about our antics the night before and how I'd called him a douchebag when he shut us off!

For the rest of the night it was us: "Hey, douchebag! Can we get two more over here?" and the Bartender: "Here ya go, douchebag!" I guess 8 years of good tipping keeps things on the lighter side. Around 11PM the wedding crowds piled in. Since we had our usual spot (we'd hovered to get them) at the head of the U shaped bar, we were plied with a steady supply of shots by various wedding revelers in exchange for allowing them "access" to the bar. Drunk people in fancy clothes look twice as silly as regular drunks!

The closest thing to hilarity occurred when a wedding reveler was denied access to the bar due to lack of proper ID. The father of the groom, in full tuxedo and half in the wrapper, took offense to this and got in a drunken shouting match with the bouncers. They let him in, but the bartenders ignored him, which made him fume even more. He eventually left after the bouncers told him the police might be interested in speaking with him outside.

Sunday was sleep late, off to Ogunquit to mooch lunch off my aunt and stroll the beach followed by the slow crawl home on the Maine Turnpike. I can't wait until next year!

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Webmiztris said...

being 'shut off' in a bar is a goal I haven't yet accomplished in my life. congrats!!! ;)

hotdogman said...

It was pretty funny. He shut us off, but we kept doing shots! We were essentially shut off from BEER.

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