Automatic Guided Carts for Hot Dogs?

When I went looking for automatic guided carts, I was hoping I'd find one for hot dogs. I could just imagine having a hot dog cart that went where it needed to go on its own. How cool would that be?

Alas, there are no automatic guided carts for hot dogs at I couldn't find them anywhere!

What I did find is a whole lot of cool Automatic Guided Vehicles for use in industry. They're basically big, robotic vehicles for use in warehousing and manufacturing. Imagine an automatic guided forklift roaming around a warehouse at night moving stuff around so all the things are where they need to be when everyone comes to work in the morning.

These aren't small vehicles either, they'd kick butt in Robot Wars! These suckers can be programmed to move all sorts of things. They could use a few automatic guided forklifts at my local BJ's Wholesale Club. The store manager likes the automatic cash registers because they never call in sick. She'd love automatic guided forklifts whirring around all night putting product away. That way there would be no pallets left out in the morning for her opening crew to deal with!

This all seems so futuristic to me. It's like the precursor to robot slaves in the movies! Imagine the automatic guided forklifts taking over the factory and then THE WORLD!

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