J.D. Drew Still SUCKS

OK, so the Red Sox won tonight. Jason Varitek got the 9th inning, pinch hit, game winning RBI by singling home Coco Crisp who had beat out an infield hit and stolen second. Varitek was the hero, as were Crisp and Big Papi who both homered. Jonatnon Paplebon closed the door in the 9th, finishing the game by catching Kevin Millar looking at a third strike. The Red Sox magic number is now 16.


In the top of the eighth inning, JD Drew came to the plate. Jacoby Ellsbury, September sensation, had just gotten a pinch hit single on a good at bat following singles by Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis. Bases LOADED, one out. JD Drew steps to the plate. I groan. Will Drew do his usual, "wait out the full count and swing at one in the dirt/look at strike three" or will he finally come through in a clutch situation?

First pitch, swing and a weak ground ball to the short stop to start the 6-4-3 inning ending, rally killing, life sucking double play. I'd have rather had him strike out! Lucky Coco and Varitek bailed his sorry ass out in the ninth.

It's official: J.D. Drew still SUCKS.

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