Livin' in the Two

Will you live in the two? The top two percent of income earners that is. Well, will you? If you want to find out about how self improvement can help you be one of those top two percent of income, then go to Live In the Two dot com and take their test. I did.

I found out what I already know because I am a highly enlightened Hotdogman. I am disciplined, I have a passion for my work, I don't fear risk, I am an eternal optimist (I like to think of myself as a pragmatic optimist), and I have good interpersonal skills. I already knew this about myself, but it's nice to reaffirm things for yourself sometimes. Having these traits doesn't guarantee you'll be amongst the top two percent of income earners, but if you think this way it is more likely you will be.

I guess folks who focus on self improvement will always be striving to be better at what they do. Most people who are good at what they do are well paid and the more well paid you are, the more likely you'll be a big earner, perhaps you'll even "live in the two!"

I have applied these principles to my hot dog truck, as I have in my former sales career. While the hot dog truck isn't as lucrative as some of my past endeavors, I am passionate about my dogs and I make the best damn dogs in my area. That has earned me a steady regular clientele and has in turn increased my business (and my income)!

Why not take the test for yourself and see if you have what it takes to "live in the two."

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