Country Club Franks

We went to a fireworks show at my folk's club Saturday night. It was the "makeup" fireworks from the 4th of July which was rained out. This is a spectacular show as we get to sit a par four away from where they light the fireworks. They're close, they're big and they're LOUD. The show lasts about 35-40 minutes and is my favorite 4th of July fireworks show-except this year it was September 1st fireworks.

On the 4th, it's a carnival atmosphere with tons of food, desserts, popcorn, ice cream, BEER, a moonwalk and face painting for the kids and, of course, the fireworks.

Saturday night it was popcorn, BEER and hot dogs. I don't usually eat hot dogs as a rule when out and about (I eat one at the truck almost every day), but Saturday I had no choice.

They were shriveled Pearl Country Club Franks on sub rolls. UGH! The only saving grace was there was lots of room in the sub rolls for onions. Their onions were nicely minced so I drowned the dogs in them.

Thank GOD for the BEER!

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