Metal Detectors are Everywhere

It seems like you can't go anywhere these days without going through a metal detector! You always needed to go through a metal detector at the airport, but now they're in nightclubs, prisons, even SCHOOLS!

The idea is to make everyone safe. It's not a good thing to have a gun in planes, prisons clubs, or schools. A metal detector assures guns won't be in those places, which is a good thing. But I am not sure its a good thing that we need them. I may be safe in those places, but I think I'll be more scared when I leave.

Maybe everyone should have their own personal metal detector!

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1 comment:

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

When we were in London for a week this summer, it really made me think a lot about security. There are closed-circuit cameras EVERYWHERE. The funny thing (well, funny-strange) was that my mom's purse got stolen in a place where there were cameras EVERYWHERE. How safe will metal detectors make us? How sad is it that we "may" need them.

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