Extreme Blinds

My wife loves reality TV. It drives me nuts. One of her shows is Extreme Makeover, the show where a construction crew goes in and rehabs a deserving family's home in the amount of time it takes to shoot the episode. She always cries when they unveil the new home to the family. Of course my wife cries during fabric softener commercials.

The show does the house over from the foundation right down to the Window Blinds. Select Blinds supplies the Window Blinds to Extreme Makeover. Window Blinds are one of those things people take for granted.

I've never been one for curtains, they collect dust and they fade. I like the clean lines Window Blinds give a decor. Ordering blinds online is easy too. Just take your measurements, enter them into the Window Blinds easy estimator tool and they do the rest. All you need to do is pick the style and color. I think the new bamboo blinds, they'll even send you a free sample so you can blend the colors in your room nicely.

While new Window Blinds may not be an Extreme Makeover, they can be a very easy and inexpensive way to snazz up a room.

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