Eric Gagne, former relief ACE, whom the Red Sox traded for at the July 31 trading deadline has BLOWN HIS FOURTH GAME since joining the team! He was supposed to be a stabilizing force in the bullpen, giving the Sox an alternative to Papelbon and Okajima down the stretch and adding another "shut down" pitcher to the squad.

The only thing he's shutting down is games the Sox should win.

For the fourth time he has entered a game with a lead in the 8th inning and given up enough runs to the opponents (tonight's beneficiary was the Blue Jays) to win the game.

HE SUCKS! He has proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he just can't do it anymore. The Sox agreed to pay this stiff a $4 million incentive bonus in his contract with Texas. He was not required to reach the incentives to get his money. That scrubs up to $1 million per blown game.

I can't imagine him being on the post season roster. Please answer my "How much does Eirc Gagne Suck?" poll in the right side bar.

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