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Everyone, especially us guys, loves gadgets. We love talking about our new gadgets and showing them off to friends and family. I remember when cell phones were a novelty-they were the size of a shoebox when they first came out for mass consumption and everyone wanted one.

The VCR used to be a hot new gadget too. Now the newest form of video gadgetry is upon us. Its called the Mvix MX-760HD Hi-Def Wireless Media Center. I think it needs a shorter name-maybe just "Mvix."

This baby does it all. It connects every media device to your TV. It will store all your digital photos, home movies, music, dvd's-you name it, if it's digital media, it stores it and plays it back whenever you want it. You can even hook it up to your PC. As a guy who used to own about 500 albums, countless VCR Tapes and a couple hundred cd's, the idea of digitally storing all that and more in a box that's smaller than the original cellular phones is pretty cool. You can network it into your home entertainment center and computer network and you can unplug it and bring it with you on vacation. Read all about it at

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morphius said...

I have owned my Mvix MX-760 since January and have pretty much loved every minute of it, after countless times of going on vacation with stacks of cds and dvds it is awesome to have them all in one handy unit that pretty much hooks up to anything (the only extra adapter needed was a $15 coax/cable tv converter for hooking it up to a hotel tv with cable input only)j

Everything about the unit works as advertised and better.....sound and picture are great, very easy to connect to a tv, home entertainment center, wired or wireless network, computer.....just about anything, and if you run out of space, just hook up another external hard drive, dvd drive via usb or even a usb flash drive/sd card adapter.

As my intro stated, "...pretty much loved every minute of it", early on there were a couple of those times where the unit seemed like it could use a bit of help: it froze occasionally fast forwarding, the interface was limited to 8 charactor naming, connecting as a network attached storage unit, etc...........that may sound negative but it brings me to the most impressive part of this unit and the Mvix Company,


it's like they read your mind, it seems like before I even had a chance to email them a concern, they had a firmware update that tweaked the problem and opened up a couple more features...the unit is forever evolving with software only upgrades which are as easy to install as starting a movie, song or picture slide show.

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