Helen's Handbags

There's a gal in my hometown who has started her own online business selling her handcrafted handbags. I grew up down the street from her husband and our sons play football on the same team. Her husband and I were talking before the last game and he told me about her new venture, so I checked it out. Helen's Handbags is the name of her business (and her website). She makes all kinds of colorful handbags, cigar box purses and embroidered jean jackets.

I have 4 daughters, so I'm always looking for good girly gift ideas and Helen's Handbags fit the bill. I like the idea of getting a gift that isn't some mass produced crap made in a sweat shop somewhere and sold through big box retailers. Home town, homemade gifts have more personality and appeal to me and my girls. Helen's Handbags is a place where I'll be shopping in the next few months, you should too.

This post is NOT Sponsored- I'm just giving some link love to a local merchant 'cuz I'm a nice guy!

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