Lasik Eye Surgery

I have good vision. 20-20 to be exact. So did my dad, but with age his eyesight got worse. He was always fumbling with reading glasses-until he decided to have Lasik Surgery. Lasik Surgery is a laser surgery on the eyes that changes the shape of the cornea to improve vision (in my dad's case, nearsightedness). He found a Lasik Doctor and had the procedure. It worked wonders for him and he no longer needs reading glasses!

Famous basketball star LeBron James recently had Lasik Surgery. Some people think having this kind of surgery is cheating! What a crock! Is wearing glasses in sports cheating? I don't think so. It's not like he took a performance enhancing drug to help him jump higher, run faster or shoot the ball better. Unlike Barry Bonds, whose performance was aided by performance enhancing drugs, LeBron gains no competitive advantage he wouldn't have if he just wore glasses on the court.

Like LeBron, you shouldn't go to any old eye surgeon. You should seek a Lasik doctor that has been CERTIFIED by the by the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance. That way you know you're getting a Doctor who knows his stuff. I'd think this is pretty important since the Doctor is aiming lasers at your eyeballs!

All this Lasik Surgery is going to make glasses obsolete. Lasik Doctors are going to replace optometrists someday!

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