Le Dell

I am writing this post on a Dell Desktop Computer. I also have a Dell Laptop. There is a Dell (running Windows 98) in one of the kid's rooms. I even own Dell stock! We like Dell Computers in our house.

I don't know what a bureau pc is-something they call desktops in France I think, but if it's a Dell, it's probably OK.

I have always had good luck with Dell Computers-that's why I keep buying them. I like the way you can set them up. I have always customized my Dells to have the features I want. I even have them send the computers along with only the software I want on them. I don't WANT Corel word processing, so why would I want it pre-installed on my computer?

Dell also has decent service. I have a Dell certified repair shop near my home, so when I need a repair I just bring it over there. That's much easier than shipping everything off to some faceless repair center!

So if you're looking for a new desktop computer, try a Dell. My stock portfolio will thank you!

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