Park West Gallery

I do lots of posts. When I saw an opportunity to do a post for Park West Gallery, I jumped at it. The reason is I have been purchasing art from Park West Gallery for 15 years!

I like to go on cruises and Park West Gallery conducts "Art Auctions" on the cruises I've taken. You can usually get a free print or two at these cruise auctions as well. We've also attended local auctions, usually held at a fine hotel. There's always free champagne at these auctions so we get liquored up and buy fine art!

The pricing and selection at Park West Gallery is immense. They have original works by Dali, Picasso, Mouly, Peter Max and so much more. The original works are a bit out of my price range now, but I enjoy looking at rare works of art. I have purchased many seriolithographs (limited run prints that are touched up by the artists, signed and numbered) from Park West Gallery and they hang in nearly every room in our house.

The value you can get at a Park West Gallery auction is incredible. I have bought several pieces for less than what I could have purchased them from the artist directly. While I don't necessarily buy art as an investment, every piece I have bought from Park West Gallery has appreciated in value at a higher rate than the stock or real estate markets!

Every few months, we receive a full color auction catalog from Park West Gallery which announces the next local auction. These catalogs are chock full of photos of the art that will be up for auction and they are a work of art in themselves. We usually keep them with our magazines and I enjoy flipping through them.

If you like art (or champagne), I'd suggest going to the next local Park West Gallery auction in your area. At the very least you'll enjoy a fun evening looking at fine art-you might even come home with a rare treasure for your home.

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