Raising Money for Diabetic Supplies

My daughter is baking cookies for me to sell at The Hot Dog Truck so she can raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Walk for Diabetes. She needs to raise $50 for her team. I told her I thought it was a tad ironic, but I'd put the cookies out for her. All the proceeds will be pooled with other donations from her team and sent in as one. I think it's a good thing when kids take some initiative to help out a good cause so I hope the effort is a resounding success.

The money will go, in part, to folks who need help paying for their diabetic supplies. Lots of folks with diabetes don't have insurance and they need to buy supplies like diabetic test strips on a regular basis. Finding supplies at a discount price is important since it is a regular out of pocket expense.
Companies like American Diabetes Wholesale
are invaluable as their prices are always 30%-60% of regular retail pharmacy prices.

I don't know if any of the money my daughter's cookies raise will find its way to American Diabetes Wholesale, but I know people who need these supplies will be helped.

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Ted Demopoulos, Blogging for Business said...

I just hired a college student for some odd business jobs -- she's donating the money to a diabetes charity -- I think the same one you mention.

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