Clicker WARS

I wrote about clicker etiquette a couple of days ago. When things get contentious, we delve into CLICKER WARS!

If there is a game on the "good TV," my wife will sometimes retreat to the boudoir to view any one of a litany of crappy reality TV shows. Once the game is over, I'll creep into the bedroom and fall asleep to whatever is on the tube. Sometimes I'll read my book, other times-if the Mrs. is asleep, I'll dial up a movie and fall asleep to it. I'll watch a movie over the course of a week or so by fast forwarding to the last thing I remember from the night before.

Sometimes the wife gets mischievous on me. It usually goes something like this: She'll be "asleep" and I'll come in and look for the clicker. Not wanting to wake her, I'll do a quick visual of the likely spots for it-in her hands, on the night stand or on the floor next to the bed. Unable to find it, I'll start checking around her pillow and under the covers-being very careful not to wake her (trust me-YOU DON'T want to wake up my wife!).

If I can't find it, my frustration will mount and I'll literally start "tossing" the room looking for the clicker and muttering to myself. As if she can sense when my frustration is at its peak, I'll hear a little giggle from her-she's been faking sleep all along and has hidden the clicker from sight. A tickle fight of some sort ensues and we begin a mock wrestling match for the clicker. She can only pull this trick every few months or I'll be too wise to her. We'll laugh and flip on a movie or something-but she knows she's won this little battle in the ongoing CLICKER WARS.

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1 comment:

Webmiztris said...

cute...that sounds like fun. :)

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