Do It Yourself

I am a Jack of All Trades when it comes to home improvement. I am not afraid to tackle any home improvement project on my own. I have put an addition on my home, remodelled several bathrooms, rewired the house including adding extra circuit breakers, installed plumbing, remodelled a kitchen, done hundreds of minor repairs, refinished two basements, dug a French drain and installed sump pumps and done TONS of painting in the two homes I have owned. If I don't know exactly what to do, I'll ask my dad or my uncle or I'll consult one of the many resource books I own or for how to go about what I need to do. "Knowledge is power" when it comes to home improvements and has great articles on just about every home improvement project you could imagine. They have great "How To" DVDs for sale too.

My most recent project involved installing a new dishwasher. I pulled the old one, cannibalized the plumbing connections and installed the dishwasher. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! My brother had to do the same thing a few months later and he paid $100 to have Sears install the thing. It only took me an hour or so, so I goofed on him mercilessly for wasting his money. Now there are projects where the time involved or difficulty of the job justify (to me) the expense of calling in a pro. I paid someone to install new windows in my old house. I also would never tackle a roofing job. Something simple, I tackle myself though. If I had to install key in knob lock, I'd do it myself.

I remember one time, I was installing a bathroom vanity and I forgot to tighten the drain. We washed our hands, brushed our teeth and noticed nothing for a day. Then one of the kids came and told me they went to get more toilet paper (stored in the vanity cabinet) and it was all wet! The toilet paper absorbed a lot of water, but everything in the cabinet was soaked! I quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it, but now I am subjected to "did you tighten everything?" every time I do a repair.

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