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When I started this site, I thought I'd be blogging for business; business for my Hot Dog Truck that is. While I have had some customers who've found me from my site, most of my business is repeat word of mouth business or folks "just passing by." My Hot Dog Truck has had a good year, and so has my site.

When I started this site, I read everything I could about monetizing my blog and driving traffic to it. While I'm not quite yet, I'm doing OK considering I knew nothing about SEO 8 months ago. Considering I started with zero cash, I'd say the whole blogging endeavor has been a resounding success! I have also had a lot of fun and met a bunch of new people while doing it.

The success of this site has led me to explore some other projects which I plan to focus on in the winter months when I plan to shut down the Hot Dog Truck. I have also been exploring developing some other products which I'd like to market online. We're also looking into selling some specialty computer items online as well.

When you get into product sales online, an SEO company may be an expiditious way of getting the word out to the internet search engines so product phrases will be linked to my site. While this can be done alone, as I've done with the Hot Dog Truck, it takes a lot of time. An SEO firm can speed things up considerably and this is especially important when you are sitting on product in a crowded marketplace. Getting people who are looking for info on a specific product to convert to buyers of the product is an important step. They have to want what you have, find you, be convince your product is the one they want and then buy it! Whether you want to sell relish or specialty computer mouses, doing a good job on the SEO for your site is tantamount for success.

If all goes well, I can spend a lot of time in Florida in the winter months running my websites and keeping away from the crummy New England winters. My folks live outside of Tampa and I could stay with them and run my sites in the sunshine. A little SEO Tampa Bay and my laptop and I'll be good to go!

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