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Ski season will be upon us soon. I am making a concerted effort to get back on the slopes this season. I'd like to get out to Utah or Colorado (most likely Utah) as my wife has never been there. The powder is intense, the runs are loooong and the scenery is spectacular. Utah has the best skiing on the planet as far as I am concerned.

I don't own skis anymore. Why bother? The technology changes every year, so I'd rather rent skis in Utah than lug outdated skis on an airplane. I'd rather spend my dough on a nice new ski clothes. I hear Spyder clothing is the hot new brand out there, but I'm not much of a fool for fashion. has a great selection of everything you'd need for skiing or snowboarding, plus they carry the aforementioned Spyder clothing. They also have mountainside locations at many resorts in Utah and Colorado. You can find out what you want to buy (or rent) and either get it shipped from their website or pick it up at the mountain! How cool is that?

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