Soggy Basement Help

About 12 years ago I was in Florida watching the news about a huge N'or Easter pounding Massachusetts. We returned home to find our house under a foot of wet, melting snow. The power was out and we had small kids so we went to a hotel. I went back home after everyone was settled to check things out and, since there was no power, our sump pump had failed and there was almost two feet of water in our basement! I spent the better part of the next two days running a generator and pumping out the basement.

We had quite a mess on our hands and we needed a mold remediation service to help clean up the mess. I also got a hard lesson in basement waterproofing. We eventually added a second sump pump and a permanent back up generator. We also dug a French drain around the foundation and sealed the concrete foundation with waterproofing sealer.

My wife runs a rental property for her parents and we dread phone calls when it's wet out because they have basement waterproofing issues at that house. They've had to have two separate mold remediation treatments to the home due to the fact that the basement is so wet.

When we bought our current house, I did a complete basement waterproofing treatment BEFORE we moved all of our stuff in so we wouldn't ever be bugged by a wet basement! My friend in the Bronx has had wet basement and mold remediation issues in his home. He didn't deal with it himself, like me. He called American Waterproofing and they got the job done right!

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