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Backgammon Masters

I ran into my old college room mate last week at a soccer tournament. We got to talking about the "good old days" in our apartment. I remember spending many a late night playing backgammon. We'd play for a penny a point and sometimes someone would win two or three dollars on a big night.

My old roomie mentioned he couldn't find a good backgammon opponent these days and he wished we could get together and play once in a while.

I told him about, a great site where players from all over the world can get online and play the game. They also have Poker, Blackjack and Perudo. It doesn't matter where in the world your partner is either as supports 12 different languages. I could be playing on an English screen with someone in China playing on a Chinese screen! My Italian cousins can't play on the site in Italian yet, but it won't be long. They've got 12 languages supported now and plan on adding more and more. They're even going to add site support in multiple languages soon too.

New players can brush up on the rules of Backgammon too.

We're both signing up at and we plan to get together online for a weekly game of backgammon. It will be fun playing with someone who knows the game.

For more information please visit

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