On my Winning Football Picks site, Sunday week 6 saw both Laz and the Hotdogman turn a profit.

Laz went 2-0 with Jacksonville and his three team Teaser for a 2 UNIT PROFIT! Laz's total profit for the year is sitting at PLUS 6.9 UNITS with an out of this world 88.8% WINNING PERCENTAGE! Laz also went a stellar 8-2-2 on his pool picks.

Hotdogman, with his characteristically "busier" card, went 5-3 on the day for a 1.6 UNIT PROFIT bringing his season total to PLUS 7.4 UNITS with a solid (and profitable) 56% WINNING PERCENTAGE! The Hotdogman went a pedestrian 5-5-2 on the pool picks this week.

OVERALL Winning Football Picks IS PLUS 14.3 UNITS ON THE SEASON!

If you like money, you should play our picks!

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