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Every month when I get my cell phone bill, I check to make sure my calling plan is giving me the proper amount of minutes. Going over the allotted amount of minutes can be expensive, so I'm pretty vigilant about checking it out. Every time my contract runs out, I try to compare wireless plans and get the best deal for me.

This isn't always easy. You have to go to all the carriers' websites and compare wireless plans. It can get confusing to say the least. Plus, the carriers don't neccessarily tell you about the best plan for you.

Now there is an easy way to compare wireless plans online. has an online tool called the Wireless Wizard that lets you plug in your usage information and other parameters then automatically gives you the best plan for your situation, whether it is with your current carrier or another carrier. They can even set up your account for you and they have good deals on cell phones too. Talk about one stop shopping! is an INC 500 company that offers phones, ringtones, cellular accessories, prepaid wireless, virtually every calling plan from every carrier and (my favorite) FREE SHIPPING! They offer calling plans from AT&T, Alltel Wireless, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Nextel. They also have prepaid plans from GoPhone, T-Mobile To Go and Virgin Mobile.

I'll be checking out the next time my contract is up. I've already taken the time to compare wireless plans and I have found a better plan with Verizon (my current carrier) than the one I have now. Funny how Verizon didn't tell me about this other plan! I called them and had them switch me to the better plan, so has already helped me!

If you spend a decent chunk of change on your wireless service, it is worth a visit to to get the best deal available.

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