Construction Update

They are literally ripping apart the parking lot around me. There is a huge hole where they've dug a foundation about 20 feet from my truck. The lot is no longer paved-it's now packed dirt. There is limited parking and the noise of the machinery doing this work is deafening.

Sounds like it would impact business negatively, doesn't it?

Nothing could be further from the truth! The delightful autumn weather has kept the hot dog loving populace coming out in droves to the Hot Dog Truck and they don't seem to mind the noise or the mess as long as the best hot dogs on the planet are there for them. I've also made inroads to new locations. Once I have a solid location lined up, I'll announce it here.

I have found over the past few weeks how much my silly little Hot Dog Truck means to the hot dog loving locals. Many folks are saddened by the eminent departure from the current site, but hope to have an even better location come spring time.

In the mean time, the best hot dogs will still be available at the Hot Dog Truck!

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