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Not too long ago, it was considered "revolutionary" that telephone services were allowed to compete. The "old" AT&T or "Ma Bell" was the only game in town and your telephone service cost whatever the phone company told you it cost.

Then came competition for Long Distance telephone service. Remember all those annoying calls you used to get at dinner time with offers to lower your long distance rate to "only" 18 cents a minute?

Next local service became competitive. The government basically ordered the phone company to allow other companies to install local service. While this was going on, the internet was in its infancy.

I sold business telephone services for AT&T, Bell Atlantic and others. The idea was to get businesses to purchase "bundled" services of local, long distance and data. We wanted to sell T-1 lines to businesses so they could plug in their expensive, feature rich phone systems that they paid upwards of six figures for. They'd also hook their computer networks into the T-1 lines for fast internet access.

We made piles of money as did the guys selling the phone systems!

Now, thanks to Business VoIP , all that is coming to an end. Smart business owners don't want to spend big bucks on telephone hardware or telephone services. They want an easier, less expensive solution like Packet8 Virtual Office.

Now, all you need is an internet connection and some phones and the rest can be done online! All the features of a fancy schmancy phone system are on the Packet8 Virtual Office servers. You manage system expansion, extensions, calling features and any number of functions by yourself. You could also opt for professional on-site support services.

The best part is you don't need to shell out money for a phone system AND you get unlimited calling anywhere in the world for a flat monthly rate. Whether you have one small office or a global business, you can have one virtual phone system for everyone. You can also expand and contract your Packet8 Virtual Office as your business needs change. All this without spending a fortune on an expensive and maintenance laden phone system. And no complicated T-1 installations from the phone company either. A broadband connection is all that's needed.

If things had been this easy when I was selling phone services, the phone company wouldn't have needed me!

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