Go Live Mobile Goes Live

With the influx of mobile, web enabled devices, more and more people are taking the internet "on the road" with them. You literally have all the functionality of the internet in the palm of your hands. This has created a wireless explosion and a dramatic increase in interest in mobile web technology. I could write this blog on a mobile web device if I wanted to. Mobile website design and mobile website hosting are "the next big thing" and a wap site is something everyone will access and use before long.

Wap is short for "Wireless Application Protocol," a simpler internet browsing application designed for use on wireless devices. Wapsite hosting and design are growing by leaps and bounds and the design and graphic capabilities are getting more and more sophisticated every day.

Virgin Mobile is a pioneer in this new technology and they have just launched Go Live Mobile which allows people to create ringtones and wallpapers from their wireless device. You can also earn money when someone downloads a ringtone or wallpaper you've designed. This is going to be a big business before long and soon the reach of the internet will go even further bringing the full scope of social networking to wireless devices. I wonder if we'll all have to duck out of the way of all those wireless signals flying around our heads?

Leave it to Richard Branson and Virgin Mobile to blaze new trails. Wireless blogging anyone?

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