It's Curtains for me

After a long day at the Hot Dog Truck, I hustle around getting kids where they need to be before my wife gets home. She took the day off last week and did "some shopping." She was very evasive about what she bought.

Last night, after the Red Sox game, I went up to bed. My wife had fallen asleep long before the game was over. When I opened the door to our bedroom, I noticed new curtains! In the morning, I mentioned the how much I liked the curtains and she just laughed.

She'd hung the curtain rods a week ago and I hadn't noticed.

For a week.

She had a side bet with our daughter as to whether I'd notice the curtain rods or not.

My wife won.

They've all been laughing at my expense all day.

I guess I need to pay better attention.

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