Solar Savings

Solar power is the best power source. It's clean, infinitely abundant and free. There are solar hot water heating systems, solar cells that generate electricity, even solar powered air conditioning.

I'll bet solar powered air conditioning would come in handy in the desert.

They're making huge industrial sized solar powered air conditioning systems for large institutions. These systems can also be used for heat. A hospital or a hotel that has air conditioning can now harness the power of the sun through the use of solar absorption systems and save big bucks on their energy costs. Depending on the state tax cuts available for installing such a system, the return on investment can be as little as two years. That amounts to some serious energy savings when you consider the life span of the system. Believe it or not, in some parts of the world, nearly HALF the air conditioning units in service are solar powered air conditioning systems.

How cool is this? Free energy, zero environmental impact, good return on equipment investment and a properly cooled and heated building to boot. Solar powered air conditioning is the way to go.

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1 comment:

Evan said...

I think the idea of solar powered air conditioning is very interesting.

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