Jersey Shore Move

I have an old friend who lives in New Jersey. I don't hold it against him for the most part. When we were in college, he had made arrangements to spend the summer in Wildwood on the Jersey shore. The only problem was he needed to get his stuff from his college apartment to his place in Jersey. Since I had a pick up truck, he "invited" me down for a week after school got out-the catch was I had to drive him and his stuff to the summer apartment.

We set out on a steamy June day with the pick up stacked to the hilt with his bed, TV, a recliner and a bunch of other miscellaneous crap. We left Western Massachusetts just in time to hit MAJOR TRAFFIC on the Jersey Turnpike. We arrived at his place after a SEVEN HOUR DRIVE (twice the time it would have taken without traffic). When we arrived, his TV was missing! We don't know if it was stolen at one of our pit stops or if it flew out of the pick-up bed somewhere on the Merrit Parkway!

If I were to make that move today, I'd call one of many NJ Moving Companies to get the job done! If he'd done that back then, it would have cost him less than replacing the TV did.

A company like would have come in handy-too bad Al Gore had yet to invent the internet back in 1986! has tons of moving tips (secure your TV safely in a pick up truck bed is probably somewhere on the list of tips) that help people get their stuff to where they're going. They can also help you get quotes for and find movers in NJ. If I were doing that move today, I'd just find and hire a mover.

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