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Fenway Flashback Remote

With Roger Clemens most likely riding off into the sunset for the final time, I found myself reflecting on the night he struck out 20 (for the first time). I wasn't at the game, I was off at UMASS pretending to be a student.

I took a class called "Seminar in Critical Legal Theory" that involved a lot of class participation. I was always prepared for this class and vigorously argued with the professor on just about any topic. Since it was at 9 AM, I made sure I was alert and lucid as class participation was half the grade. I had the class on Wednesday April 30, the day after Clemens struck out 20.

We'd been watching the game at our apartment and as the game wore on, there was more and more excitement (and people-we had the nicest TV in our section of the complex so drop-ins were numerous that night). This was college, so there was beer and lots of it. The crowd hung on every pitch as Clemens neared this baseball milestone. After the game was over, we had a celebration and, of course, more beer. Lots of it.

Needless to say, no homework or reading got completed that night and I was uncharacteristically unprepared for my "Seminar in Critical Legal Theory" class.

I slinked into the classroom and grabbed a seat in the rear. The prof began his usual pre-discussion lecture and then segued into Q&A and discussion. That morning the class as a whole just wasn't into it. The prof began randomly calling on students for reaction and he eventually made his way to me. He asked me a question and expected me to comment, after all, I always had something to say. Alas, I had not done the reading because I'd been engrossed in the ballgame (and the beer).

I had to think quick. I spoke and said, "Well professor, I'm not sure about your question, but I can tell you Roger Clemens broke Tom Seaver's Major League strikeout record last night by striking out 20." The class broke out in laughter, even the prof chuckled, "yes, I heard about that."

He left me alone for the rest of the class and the next time we met, I was back to my usual, prepared self.

Not a Fenway Flashback, just my personal take on a bit of baseball history.

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