LED Christmas Lights

We have a unique Christmas tradition in our house. It all started the first year we moved in. We have a cathedral ceiling in our living room so my wife thought it would be fun to get a really tall tree. Sixteen feet tall to be exact. We needed to bring an extension ladder in the house to decorate it. I needed to saw the branches off it to get it OUT of the house (we brought it in wrapped in that Christmas tree netting stuff).

So we had this tree set up with just the lights on it. The kids were all in the living room watching TV and my wife and I were in the kitchen when all of a sudden a very upset looking 6 year old son came running in and said, "the Christmas tree fell. ON SHELBY!" (then 3) We rushed into the living room to find our three year old girl pinned on the couch by the gargantuan tree. She was OK and we righted the tree and tied it down so it wouldn't fall again. Since that Christmas, as per tradition, our tree has fallen down every year.

We have broken some lights every year too. This year we have decided to get new lights and I'm getting some of those new LED holiday lights for the tree. These babies are so tough a truck could drive over them and they wouldn't break. They're 90% more energy efficient than regular Christmas lights too. HolidayLEDS are the best LED Christmas lights on the market. They last twice as long as the brands you'd find at some department store and they're weather proof too so you can hang them on your outdoor trees.

Everyone knows I like Led Zeppelin, now I like HolidayLEDS LED Christmas lights too.

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