Link Love Thursday VII

As many of you MUST know, I write Pay Per Posts. A lot of them. I am literally Blogging for Braces (I have two with braces)! I am on a pace to pay for the portion of the braces that isn't covered by insurance by mid October! That should leave me plenty of time to do some Christmas Shopping with my PPP earnings!

This week's Link Love goes out to some other "posties" who are doing Pay Per Posts to help fund their needs or dreams.

One Old Green Bus- Sue and Matt want to buy and refurbish an old double-decker bus to tool around the countryside in. When they get it rolling, I hope they visit the Hot Dog Truck!

Tricia's Musings- I don't know where she finds the time to do PPP's; she's got about 20 sites!

The Wired Kayaker- He runs the Pay Per Post Community on Bumpzee. I think he's posting to buy his next camera or camera related gadget. Or maybe a new kayak.

Mummified Times Five-This Aussie Gal, Tina, has five kids like me. I know why she's doing PayPerPost-she's probably blogging for braces too!

The Richest Man on Earth
-If he wants to get rich, he better get posting!

If you want MORE LINK LOVE, check out the Link Love Community on Blog Catalog and the Link Love Community on BumpZee

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1 comment:

mummifiedx5 said...

Thanks for the linky love! Much appreciated :)

And yeah, blogging for braces as well.....LOL

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